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studio 60 femslash

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ;; Femslash
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studio 60 femslash
Hello and welcome!

This is a community for any and all Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip femslash. Be it fiction, icons, or discussion - anything along those lines is welcome! Even real person fic (RPF), as long as it pertains to one of these actresses and involves femslash, is accepted! Please make use of the cut tags (whenever you're in doubt, just go ahead and use it), especially when it comes to spoilers.

If you're posting a fanfiction piece, please try to include the following information:

· title
· author
· pairing/characters
· rating
· warning (if applicable)
· spoilers (if applicable)
· summary (if you have one)

Also, please remember to try and use the community's tags to tag your entry!

For more S60 fic, try studio60_fic or inthetallgrass.

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