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22 February 2007 @ 01:15 pm
Fic: Hazelnut and Mocha  
Title: Hazelnut and Mocha
Author: Elyse
Pairing: Harriet/Suzanne
Rating: NC-17
Warning: slash (female)
Spoilers: The Harriet Dinner (I & II)
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine and no copyright infringement is intended.

Written for the femslash_today valentines porn battle. The pairing was Harriet/Suzanne and the prompt was coffee.

Why Suzanne had to move to Hollywood and work as an assistant when she could be utilizing her degree and working a real job, is something her mother will never understand. Because of this their weekly phone conversation is usually strained. Suzanne tells her mother censored anecdotes about guest host celebrities and cast members that her mother isn't entirely familiar with. In turn her mother tells her which of her high school friends just got engaged/married/pregnant (usually in that order).

After she attends the Catholics In Media event she calls her mother to tell her about it. Not just because her mother is exceedingly catholic and not just because her mother thinks 'that Hayes girl is just lovely in interviews', but because maybe it will show her mother that she is making it, even just a little bit.

She does not tell her she spent most of the week bidding on 'that lovely Hayes girl' and funneling money into a polyamory group. Then she would have to tell her mother what a polyamory group was. There are some discussions Suzanne will never have with her mother.

It was just after one of those phone calls when Suzanne looked up to see Harriet pausing at her desk after coming out of Matt's office.

"So," Harriet says, leaning on the edge of Suzanne's desk. "Boss Sexy, huh?" The slight upward twitch on the corners of Harriet's mouth should tell Suzanne that she is joking.

Joke or not, Suzanne doesn't quite know how to respond. Although Harriet appears to be a lovely human being, she has a feeling that when it comes to Matt, Harriet can get pretty fatal attraction. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised to find out Harriet had killed other women in the past for far less menacing flirtations with Matt.

So when Harriet suggests a coffee break Suzanne is surprised.

She warily gathers her purse and lets Harriet treat her to a hazelnut latte and some unsolicited advice on the inner workings of the business. And if Suzanne didn't know better she would think that Harriet's knee kept brushing up against hers on purpose.

When she finds herself pushed back against the elevator wall, limbs entangled with Harriet's, biting back the moans, she begins to realize the entire situation may have been intentional. Harriet has never struck her as the type of person that would pick up anyone, much less a woman, but as the other woman's thumb presses up against her clit and Harriet's tongue teases her mouth in a delicious melding of hazelnut and mocha, it's obvious that Harriet knows just what to do.

Suzanne knows two things; her crush on Matt is fading fast and she won't be calling her mother about this.
A-Z: Princessjainanicole on February 23rd, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)
Awww! Short, but great. I really enjoyed this. ;)